Noticeable Abstraction

Some may describe it as minimalist game, however, if you look closely, nothing is minimalistic. The quantity of details and colors and layers make for a stunningly aesthetically pleasing experience. See how the use of abstract shapes (diamond shaped trees, walls and other element) help cement the art direction into this interactive experience.

“Intelligent Design: Kentucky Route Zero”, By Pixel Legends

Old-world Electronic Post-Rock

Transistor’s experience would have been much blander without the game soundtrack. It also drives emotions throughout the game. Moreover, it ties-in closely with the game as it emphasizes the importance of our protagonist “Red” (Ashley Barrett), being a singer and featuring her voice while playing. It just enhances the relationship the player will have with Red.

Transistor – In Circles

The Animus Interface

Assassin’s Creed 2’s designers delivered a slick, modern experience in the game menus. Apart from being particularly flowy, notice how the very high Red / White contrast makes for an incredibly clear information hierarchy. What sets this menu UI apart is the thematic tie-in with the game story. By creating à DNA shaped progression bar, the player sees his progress and has now more incentive to add shards of memories to it.

Ninjas, Blood & Swords

Both the typeface and its treatment announce well what type of game is to follow. Notice how the words “Shadow” and “Warrior” are merged, one hiding behind the other, creating an interesting, unique shape, while still keeping the phrase perfectly legible. The blood-like splatters and sword cuts underlines the bloody, violent & gore style of the game.

Shadow Warrior Logo Design

The Best Interface is no Interface

A beautiful, minimalist game design that follows the gameplay. The diegetic interface provides only the strict minimum for the player to interact with the environment. And because it never takes you out of the game (through menu screens and other title screens) it enhance greatly the immersion – making for a more involved player. However, it’s effectiveness smoothly teaches how to go about the world and interact with different elements.